A new breed of e-bikes

The hubless Reevo e-bike provides wheel storage and a triple barrier anti-theft system (biometric security, motion sensing, and GPS tracking). It also comes with an autonomous lighting system plus integrated signal and brake lights built into the wheels. The creators have focused mainly on convenience, safety, and stylish functionalities making it a new breed of e-bike. They will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to fund this designer piece.

The Beno Technologies team, which has spent the last four years designing, testing, and perfecting the prototype, is now at the final stages before the full production, which is scheduled to start in early 2021. The bike has a clean, sleek, and functional design. Reevo is great for urban bikers, designed to be maintenance-free and brings a touch of class to everyday rides. The user experience and design are equally unique.

The futuristic-looking, spoke-less wheels are connected by a sturdy yet light frame. The detachable battery can be easily swapped out for an instant range boost and takes only three hours to charge. The early bird price is set to $1,899, plus shipping.

The e-bike features a triple barrier anti-theft system – biometric, fingerprint activation lock, integrated lock housed within the frame, and GPS tracking with motion detection. It has automatic light sensors detecting darkness for extra safety and a 750 watt motor in the US / 250 watt for EU users.

It has three hours of charging time and comes with an integrated brake and signal lights, one-sided fork and retractable kickstand. There is storage within the wheel using a special Beno bag and an ergonomic saddle for biker’s hubless e-drive comfort.